We are situated in SG and we are focused mainly in this region. For special clients we can work around the world.


We work from Monday to Friday.
From 8:00 to 18:00
Phone : +65 9799 3553
Office : +65 6734 8805
E-mail: smartlivng@ipodesign.co
317 Outram Road #B1-31
Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore 169075
IPO Design is a small but entirely professional concern, fully computerized, and capable of tackling almost any kind of project, from apartment’s extensions to private houses, from restaurant refurbishments to retails, from offices to industrial, from furniture to carpets. Interior design is the practice's core activity, but its approach is a holistic one, and the practice can draw on its experience in planning studies and interior design work to complement the core.
“Our concept took place with three principal objectives: Primary, to encourage smart living by the application of design & art; secondary, to evolve a timeless status of crafts (furniture & fitting) together with the created design pieces (customise and material used) to be found having sensible relationship with each other; and finally to keep up with the industry fundamental demand of maximizing space reduction.”
Understanding ~ Client Vision, Definition of Design, Orientation of Site
Concept Design ~ Conceptual design, space planning, material, finishes and furniture specification
Detail design & implementation ~ Detail drawings, Budget and Cost control, contractor appointment, Design project management