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January 12, 2014
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January 16, 2014
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Form & Function

“Form & function are most visible at kitchen, apart from other areas of the house. When the two become one, it serve the family as a humble servant and a landmark of the house as a great aesthetic union”





cashew-ht-kitchen 1

Smart planning of kitchen design & storage are essential despite how big or tiny the space given. Do not rush into it or miss all opportunities of creating a great kitchen that serve you well! Seek  help from designers or kitchen specialists to do up some details space planing. Selection of electrical appliances such as oven,hood, hob etc will make up the final touch of the kitchen design. As shown in images 02 & 03. Consult your designer before purchasing.

Variety of sizes at kitchen cabinet consist of  height and dept. Such kitchen details increases storage space and creates great functionality. As shown in images 04 & 05. ( Tampines 3rm)

APT 4jpg

Position the oven at an height that serve you best. Safety high, out of reach from children. Yet esthetically still keen. (Cashew Height)


White on white still shine in today’s design industry. Never hesitate to try if you want a keen sense of simplicity beauty.( 3rm Tampines)


Open concept kitchen play a big part in the over all design with the kitchen and what comes after as shown here. (Chuan link)

Quartz (man make) kitchen top will be a ideal choice both for durability and aesthetic. One note to take, there will be an distinct  join line if two pieces become one due to extreme length or angle. (chuan Link)

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