Jalan Kalicap

August 17, 2017
Balmond Green
August 4, 2017
Do you like trendy elements and how to allow them in interior design?

In tread elements make the build up space timely. It will be a better choices if they are relevant for the users. An eye for such and going through consideration in design will be helpful in decision making between classic and a passing

Balancing the practical and artistic feature of the interior space?

Picture speaks a thousand words, that is the reason i started shooting my own projects. So as to edit not the photo but the process in interior design.

What is the challenge for a kitchen maker?

To enjoy a feast prepared by it.

Do you meet the demand of clients with difficulty?

All the time, that is the reason we are playing the design role and not them. Client's expectation and identification of our projects brings us into a new relations towards excellent in our service.