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January 16, 2014
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January 16, 2014
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“Creating comfortable, leisure and high quality, giving the occupant a space in which to explore feeling without interruption”

Photo 8-1-14 15 46 33Loft Bed @ Jalan Kelicap


Photo-8-1-14-15-38-59-copyLeisure Hall @ Jalan Kelicap

Photo-8-1-14-14-51-50-copyWorking Desk @ Jalan Kelicap

Photo-8-1-14-14-58-50-copyLeisure place @ Jalan Kelichap ( Landed)

Photo-8-1-14-14-13-05-copyReading Corner  

                  @ Jalan KelicPhoto-8-1-14-14-36-49-copyReading corner 


Master @ Rain Tree Condo
What does the bedroom shows? Infect, it is the bed head board that speak out. Is a  challenge to develop unique characteristic design head board that comes in all sizes and shapes, sense of gentle softness material and bright colours. No matter what, the end design have to speak for itself.



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