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January 16, 2014
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August 5, 2014
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Kitchen Design at Interlace

Changing an existing kitchen area, to a New Open Concept Kitchen

Like to have an open concept kitchen?

Design Mind

Hacking down the divider wall between the kitchen and the other room is a major decision that one should consider.

What are the unforseen works and damages ?

Design Mind

Beside the wall that is to be hacked down, there are other area that will be affected in big or small ways. As shown in this unit at a Interlace, all existing cabinet have to be replaced, floor tiles and it's levelling have to reconstruct. Conceal wires, ceiling, partition, door and frames , all these items adds up to the work.

Dine in

What relationship does a dining space have in your design ?

Dining Space
is akin to Restaurant design.It sets a stage, effectively creating the mood for a family dining experience. To convey the soul of a dining hall,dependent upon factors both concrete and visceral. Like ingredients in a well-orchestrated dish, choices in lighting, graphic design, colors, fabrics, feature wall and floor treatments, furniture and fixtures must blend a perfectly palatable whole.


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